Timber entrances


Many new homes present this feature.  Consider a more refinely designed and constructed version     of this with an eclectic approach to possible materials and styles - we are timber specialists  providing good value to contractors and homeowners alike.


Smaller homes

Consider a smaller footprint, more thoughtfully planned and constructed.  Home sizes have increased by 40% over the last fifty years - examine your real needs and think outside the accepted norm.  For a good starting point on this concept read Susan Susanka's “The Not So Big House”.

While on the topic of maximizing living areas, think about ways to expand your living space outdoors - our mild climate lends itself to comfortable patio and pavilion extensions of your home.  These may incorporate existing roof lines, or be added later as part of a comprehensive design plan.




Our system for transforming a weather-beaten area into a place of refuge.  Using quality Gallina panels over a lightly timbered roof structure we build a beautiful, sheltering space that keeps the rain out and lets the light in.  We can retrofit an existing patio or deck, or build new with quality, cost-conscious materials and designs.  Explore this trend with us.


Green building

The key concept is sustainability - we entered this profession for that very reason, and have sought to build with this philosophy despite the trend towards “ bigger is better”.  Consider your overall budget and how that will affect your needs versus built in quality.

We're eager to work with clients willing to explore ways to build greener and utilize systems and concepts that complement our building styles, without loosing sight of our core knowledge in timber craftsmanship.


Architects and designers 

We understand and are attracted to design elements inherent in the west coast contemporary home - dramatic, yet simple roof-lines, spare, spacious interiors.  Our log and timber work provide a connection to the natural environment, our attention to detail and surface treatments add a high level of overall quality to your project.  Consider Gresham Post and Beam as your timber provider - we will bring your vision forward.


Wood - Sustaining - Community

Thinking Green? Some simple ways to do it

  • good site exposure and dwelling orientation - passive solar gain
  • consider an in-town lot and save on driving
  • minimal building footprint - small can be great, consider your needs
  • thoughtful landscaping - seasonal shade, strategic deciduous trees
  • intelligent design - roof overhangs / windows planned for the sun's azimuth, thermal mass interior wall
  • attention to detail - lower your heat gain / loss - invest in good windows, doors, insulation system
  • consider alternate sources of heating and cooling, power supplanting
  • rainwater recovery - simple, inexpensive (greywater re-use is possible too)

During construction

  • limit site destruction - keep it green where possible
  • maximize materials - minimize waste
  • proper construction waste management - recycle it!


Consider recycled materials

  • character pieces (doors, windows, plumbing etcetera)
  • masonry, plywood, quality wood
  • timbers